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I'll help you embrace who you are, reframe how you show up, and increase your performance as a leader.

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The story and experience of Jakob Franzen

my Mission

Since I stepped into the world of work as an HR generalist, I’ve held positions in HR analytics, HR technology, and executive HR leadership across multiple industries. Every role I've held and every team I’ve led has expanded my appreciation for and understanding of human behavior. After years of including internal coaching in my HR repertoire, life nudged me into my own practice full time. Now I'm honored to help amazing leaders do the deep work it takes to lead from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.

My clients are willing to identify and face their blind spots. The deep work that we do has helped many clients move from a place of uncertainty and fear to one of confidence and empathy. It is so exciting to watch a CEO create lasting change for themselves and for their organization. Every time I partner with a leader, we start fast, go deep, and use behavioral science to create lasting change. This observable change brings my clients value from the very first session. I have 30 years of experience helping leaders evolve and grow. I bring that background to every coaching engagement.

Coaching is about creating change in a safe and vulnerable space through a trusting relationship. I build an action plan with my clients and then hold them accountable for change.

my Mission

Thriving to help executives and teams grow

I'm on a mission to help executives embrace their humanity and lead more authentically with vulnerability. The world is changing and we need leaders who can better understand and identify with their teams. Let's work together to transform you into a next level leader.

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