Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is all about achieving sustained outcomes. We work with executives to overcome gaps in performance, effectively step into the C-suite, and scale with an organization. Coaching helps our clients drive results that can be sustained long after the arc of the coaching engagement has ended. Our clients learn to develop followers within the organization by embracing their own, authentic leadership. Executives who have worked with us develop a higher level of mental fitness. They understand how to employ mindfulness to prevent being triggered or reactionary. This leads to better, faster decision making. The executives we've coached lean into a leadership that is authentic, compassionate, and results oriented. They report higher sales, stronger employee retention rates, and higher levels of innovation.

Team Coaching and Development

Our team coaching approach helps teams reach their goals, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates engagement, team mental fitness, and success. A team coaching process helps teams align around a common goal, embrace an inspiring vision, create healthy and sustainable relationships, be accountable for behavior as well as outcomes, and make constructive decisions in line with the team and organizational goals. Using a combination of science-based assessment tools and validated methodologies, we have coached teams in start-up environments, mid-sized companies, and large organizations. Every engagement has led teams to greater, measurable success.

Organizational Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is much more than a buzzword. Offering tools for emotional and mental well-being isn’t just a nice-to-have. In today’s climate of uncertainty and mounting stress, it’s essential. When management demonstrates and leads with a mentally fit mindset, that consciousness permeates throughout the organization. The more self-aware, mindful, and focused a company, the more successful. Many people practice aspects of mental fitness without labeling it, especially in the workplace. We use a customizable series of workshops based in the discipline of Positive Psychology. The content has been validated by psychologists as a means for moving psychologically healthy individuals into a more mentally fit mindset.